Aaron North

Aaron North is vice president of Education at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, North served as the founding executive director of the Missouri Charter Public School Association (MCPSA). Before leading the startup effort at MCPSA, North worked in Minnesota as a charter school sponsor, school resource center director, and in the Minnesota Department of Education's Office of Choice and Innovation. He also served as secretary for an urban elementary charter school board in Minneapolis.

States are Making College Free: Here’s Why That Won’t Ensure Students are Prepared for the Economy of Tomorrow

It's true that college access continues to be a major hurdle for many students, especially those who are from lower-income families. But the fact is that college success is much more important. We need to focus on creating more college graduates, not just creating more college students.
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Kansas City Scholars: Mr. K’s Uncommon Way of Teaching Us to Work Together

Ewing Kauffman's commitment to education continues with the passion and support of leaders from across Kansas City to illuminate a path to-and-through college
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Good Reads: Communities, Schools, Race

Aaron North offers three suggested readings on community ownership in public education.
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A Personal Thank You Note to Some KC MVPs

5 years have passed since the Kauffman School opened its doors. Hear Aaron North thank the teachers and leaders who have been with the school since day one.
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What Draws People In Must Work for All Students

New and expanding schools are offering Kansas City families more options. Aaron North discusses which models the Kauffman Foundation seeks to support.
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100 Reasons to be Proud (and 700 More on the Way)

Aaron North, Kauffman's vice president of Education, discusses the opportunity presented by hundreds of Kauffman Scholars coming home with college degrees.
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Two Emails I am Keeping in 2016

Aaron North, Kauffman's vice president of Education, talks about the impact of two emails he received last year.
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