Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson is a research assistant in Research and Policy for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, assisting in the understanding of what policies and environments best promote entrepreneurship and education in the pursuit of economic growth. 

Highlights from the 2016 REER Conference

12/01/16   Recapping the 2016 REER Conference with reports on papers about non-competes, the entrepreneurial mindset, and how tough times shape future entrepreneurs.

Want to be like Silicon Valley? Welcome Immigrant Entrepreneurs

10/07/16   Exploring how the percentage of immigrant entrepreneurs varies across states and metropolitan areas.

Chutes and Ladders: the Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Inequality

09/14/16   Inequality has taken prominence as a pressing political issue, both in the United States and around the world. What role does entrepreneurship play in removing barriers to our collective economic security? Where does entrepreneurship break down the forces of inequality, where does it exacerbate them, and how can policy shape it into a more powerful force for economic independence?

”Normal” Jobs are a Safety Net for Entrepreneurs

08/26/16   The right incentives can go a long way towards successful entrepreneurship. How does a functional, healthy labor market help entrepreneurs?

Why Competition Matters

08/11/16   Entrepreneurship and competition are inextricably linked. What specific areas can improved policy around competition boost entrepreneurship?

Pokémon Go; Entrepreneurship through the Lens of the Kauffman Index

08/05/16   Pokémon Go is the gaming sensation of 2016. How did the brains behind the game turn it into a summertime success? And what can other entrepreneurs learn from Pokémon Go?

Entrepreneurship Policy Done Right

06/17/16   Entrepreneurship is not inevitable. There needs to be smart policy that creates fertile space for entrepreneurs to take their ideas and grow them. What states are succeeding at this?

In the Border War of tax incentives, states—and small business—lose

05/10/16   Research shows large tax incentive programs don’t actually create jobs. In fact, it often fails to reward the types of companies that do have job creation potential.

3 Tax Topics that Tax Entrepreneurs

04/22/16   Research shows a complex tax system costs small firms, tax incentives do not spur job creation and state taxes can have an important impact on growth.

3 Reasons St. Louis’ Economic Recovery Should Be Homegrown

03/25/16   The road to economic vitality is not paved with tax incentives or a new NFL team. Chris Jackson believes there is hope for growth in his hometown of St. Louis.