Dane Stangler

Dane Stangler is vice president of Research & Policy at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. In this capacity, Stangler leads the Research & Policy department and serves on the senior leadership team. He also provides research and writing on a variety of subjects. He also represents the Foundation by speaking at meetings and conferences around the country.

Stangler earned a bachelor's degree in English from Truman State University, and a JD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Is Entrepreneurship the Most Productive Part of our Economy?

12/02/16   This post is a part of a series by the Growthology team, where we take a look at some of the topics discussed in State of the Field, a compilation of knowledge on entrepreneurship research written by the leading experts in the field. This post looks at productivity.

Show and Tel (Aviv): A Startup Nation

11/17/16   Israel is known, for good reason, as Startup Nation.

Istanbul Explores its Entrepreneurial Future at Global Entrepreneurship Week

11/15/16   Some of the first real human settlements, such as Çatalhöyük, were also some of the first places where dedicated commercial exchange took place.

Everyone Has to Reinvent Themselves

08/12/16   Examining the entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities facing small towns

Entrepreneurship and the American Idea

05/23/16   Kauffman's Dane Stangler explores the idea of entrepreneurship and the American Idea, in preparation for our celebration of 250 years of innovation in the U.S.

The plural of anecdote is data

04/25/16   Anecdotes, the knowing narrative, and hard data -- Kauffman VP of research Dane Stangler explains why the plural of anecdote is data

The Ecosystem Trap

04/18/16   Kauffman's VP of Research and Policy defines and explores the entrepreneurship ecosystem trap

What American Cities Can Learn from Warsaw

12/08/15   During Global Entrepreneurship Week, Google officially launched its new Campus Warsaw, similar to its existing campuses in London and Tel Aviv, and with more on the way in three other cities. The Google campus is located across the Vistula River from the main part of Warsaw—and, incidentally, the part of the city that was not destroyed by the Nazis.

Policy Environment Important in Shaping Entrepreneurship

11/30/15   Near the end of the day at the Startup Nations Summit, Jonathan Ortmans asked me to make a couple of observations about startup policy. I did not use slides, but several people asked for some sort of synopsis of my talk. Here is roughly what I said.

The Day After the Policy Idea: Now What?

10/28/15   Kauffman's Dane Stangler explores insights from the Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship and talks about what policymakers go through the day after the policy idea.