Emily Fetsch

Emily Fetsch is a research assistant in Research and Policy for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, and assists in the processing of new grants including grant research, grant write-ups, setting deadlines, and reviewing financials. She also assists in writing literature reviews and informative briefs, and conducts quantitative and/or qualitative analysis on the economy, policy, and entrepreneurship.

The 2016 Mayors Conference in 14 Tweets

12/05/16   Read Twitter highlights from the 2016 Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship in St. Petersburg, Florida.

How Does Occupational Licensing Affect Employment and Recidivism?

11/29/16   Formerly incarcerated individuals face substantial obstacles to employment when they leave prison, including occupational licensing requirements that exclude those with criminal records from specific professions.

How Business Owners Get Their Companies: A Look at Founders, Purchasers, and Heirs

10/26/16   When looking at how entrepreneurs obtained their business, the Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs shows the differences between entrepreneurs of different genders and races in how they came to own their companies.

The Connectivity of Hip-Hop’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

10/13/16   Connectivity, specifically, is never more evident than in hip-hop’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Debating Gender

09/01/16   If we accept that entrepreneurs are born, are we accepting the uneven distribution of entrepreneurial activity?

Millennials and the Platform Economy

08/16/16   As Millennials are becoming an increasing part of the adult population; how does the platform economy impact their path to economic independence?

Entrepreneurs Create Businesses that Help Platform Economy Workers

08/02/16   The emergence of the platform economy has presented entrepreneurs with opportunities to develop innovative solutions to problems facing participants in this new economy.

What Can Entrepreneurs Learn From the Amish?

07/21/16   How do the Amish maintain such a high business success rate?

Living with Family: An Entrepreneurial Advantage?

07/06/16   Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch explores whether multigenerational living helps bolster entrepreneurship.

Can Paid Maternity Leave Mean More Entrepreneurship?

06/23/16   While there are plenty of reasons why longer parental leave is good for parents and children, can it also be good for creating entrepreneurs?