Assessment and Evaluation

Social Insurance and Removing Hurdles to Entrepreneurship

A new entrepreneurship policy digest from the Kauffman Foundation suggests that policies that protect against some entrepreneurial risks and economic hazards might encourage more people to start companies. The thought is that hurdles like a lack of health insurance -- coupled with the inherently risky nature of entrepreneurship -- limit the number of would-be founders launching a new business.
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The Pope and Entrepreneurial Capitalism

“In order to continue providing employment, it is imperative to promote an economy which favors productive diversity and business creativity.” Those are the words of Pope Francis, who arrived in Washington, DC last week.
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Entrepreneurship Education and Training: What Works?

This series will explore where the state of research stands, what has been concretely proven to work, where the gaps of knowledge lay and what we as educators, entrepreneurs, policy makers and researchers can do to fill them.
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