The Gender Gap Remains Large: 3 New Insights from the Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (ASE)

09/19/16   While the gender gap persists, the average revenue of female-owned firms is on the rise.

Our Formula for Economically Empowering Women: Research + Solutions = Results

09/19/16   Enabling more women to become entrepreneurs and to open small businesses is one way we can help women succeed economically, helping their families and their communities.

How Cities can Become Better Than the Next Silicon Valley

09/12/16   This guest post is the first in a series by Kauffman Foundation grantees and other partners sharing insights on entrepreneurship diversity and inclusion.

Debating Gender

09/01/16   If we accept that entrepreneurs are born, are we accepting the uneven distribution of entrepreneurial activity?

Startup Activity in America -- A Look at Startup Policy and the Kauffman Index

08/31/16   Policy Director Jason Wiens and Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix share presentations and findings around the Kauffman Index of Startup Activity and what policymakers can do to affect it

Women Drive Startup Activity Higher for Second Straight Year

08/08/16   Key measures of new business creation in the United States point upward for the second year in a row, according to the 2016 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity, released late last week. The Startup Activity Index, a key annual indicator of new business creation, rose to 0.38 in 2016 – going up for the second year in a row – a mere two years after plunging to its lowest level in two decades.

Gender Pay Gap Doesn’t Stop for Women Entrepreneurs

07/22/16   The White House and the tech community team up to #HackThePayGap for women. Kauffman Foundation sees that the pay gap reaches beyond employer-employee relationship, and into entrepreneurship.

NYC Tops for Women Entrepreneurs

06/27/16   During the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University last week, Dell announced findings of its 2016 Women Entrepreneur Cities Index (WE Cities) of 25 global cities fostering high potential women entrepreneurs. New York City ranks No. 1 overall among the 25 cities for its ability to attract and support women entrepreneurs with top marks in several categories, including Policy Enabling Market Access.

Can Paid Maternity Leave Mean More Entrepreneurship?

06/23/16   While there are plenty of reasons why longer parental leave is good for parents and children, can it also be good for creating entrepreneurs?

Women and Entrepreneurship: A Blog Anthology

05/25/16   Kauffman Foundation bloggers have written extensively about women entrepreneurs in-depth. Review this anthology of posts on the subject.