Postsecondary Attainment

Building Confidence is Crucial

Adjusting to often foreign postsecondary cultural and social environment during the first semester is essential to the success of Kauffman Scholars
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Amplify Success with Not Only College Readiness, But Career Readiness

Students with long-term goals, early exposure to career experiences and access to support, understand career readiness is so much more than holding a degree.
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Power Grew from Hope in the Name of Ewing Kauffman

Ten years ago, Ashley Anderson began her journey as a Kauffman Scholar. On the 100th birthday of Ewing Kauffman, she recalls her experience and how she came full circle to serve as a Kauffman Scholars associate to continue to live out Mr. K's legacy.
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Making Kansas City Stronger with KSI Alumni

Kauffman Scholars alumni fulfill Mr. K’s dream that investing in KC students would return college graduates who invest in KC.
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Back to School: A College Conversation

Eric Wilkinson sits down with Kauffman Scholars Legacy Interns to discuss what they learned from their summer internship, what they have planned for the coming year and words of advice for future students.
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Paying a Visit to the College Life

A look at the 2016 Kauffman Scholars campus tours and why they are so rewarding for Legacy Intern, Marquita Edwards.
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"I Believe in You": the Power of Near-Peer Advisers and the College Advising Corps

Through College Advising Corps programs across the country, college advisers serve high school students with similar backgrounds and circumstances to help navigate the complex world of college admissions and financial aid.
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Save a Little, Gain a Lot: Cultivating College-Saver Identities

Children's Savings Accounts have been shown to promote college-savings identities among students and families. Melinda Lewis, Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Kansas, shares information about using these accounts as a tool for postsecondary attainment.
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2016 High School Seniors are Reaching Higher

Each spring, Kauffman Scholars celebrates Decision Day, in which graduating seniors are recognized for making their final college selection.
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3 to 5 from 75: Collaborating to Increase Postsecondary Attainment

Beth Tankersley-Bankhead, director of postsecondary initiatives, introduces the network of organizations working to support degree attainment in our region.
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