State and Local

The 2016 Mayors Conference in 14 Tweets

12/05/16   Read Twitter highlights from the 2016 Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship in St. Petersburg, Florida.

How Does Occupational Licensing Affect Employment and Recidivism?

11/29/16   Formerly incarcerated individuals face substantial obstacles to employment when they leave prison, including occupational licensing requirements that exclude those with criminal records from specific professions.

Mayors Must Be Policy Entrepreneurs

10/17/16   In tackling America’s startup problem, mayors should emulate entrepreneurs themselves: be bold, move quickly and embrace new ideas.

Discovering Entrepreneurial Success in Unexpected Places

10/10/16   At Village Capital, we see the more cities seek to expand the access to capital, talent and resources to founders who the market is under-valuing, the more potential they have to come up with redefining breakthroughs that revolutionize entrepreneurship.

Want to be like Silicon Valley? Welcome Immigrant Entrepreneurs

10/07/16   Exploring how the percentage of immigrant entrepreneurs varies across states and metropolitan areas.

Our Formula for Economically Empowering Women: Research + Solutions = Results

09/19/16   Enabling more women to become entrepreneurs and to open small businesses is one way we can help women succeed economically, helping their families and their communities.

Startup Activity in America -- A Look at Startup Policy and the Kauffman Index

08/31/16   Policy Director Jason Wiens and Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix share presentations and findings around the Kauffman Index of Startup Activity and what policymakers can do to affect it

Ag Tech and Flood Response is shaping Cedar Rapids Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

08/23/16   Entrepreneurial growth and scale since the Great Recession will undoubtedly be hot topics at the Mayor's Summit

Everyone Has to Reinvent Themselves

08/12/16   Examining the entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities facing small towns

Mayor's Summit Fosters Discussion Around Improving Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

08/01/16   Four topics found an audience for debate among policymakers, city officials and entrepreneurs in Madison, Wisconsin