Data Maven

Compendium on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Data

Kauffman Foundation Director of Research E.J. Reedy discusses Kauffman’s new Compendium on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Data, highlighting the first example data overview from the Health and Retirement Survey.Read More >

Major Partnership to Expand Data on Private Businesses Across the United States

Kauffman Foundation Research and Policy Director E.J. Reedy details plans for a multi-year expansion of the Survey of Business Owners with the U.S. Census BureauRead More >

4 Data Science Insights from Facebook Headquarters

Kauffman Research Analyst Arnobio Morelix shares insights from data science conference at Facebook headquarters. Read More >

Bring Out the NETS to Capture Business level Data

Kauffman Foundation Research Director E.J. Reedy discusses why NETS is a great resource for scholars needing annual employment and revenue information on private businesses in the United States over time.Read More >

States Find Their Own Way to Use Education Data in Research

Senior Data Analyst Christopher Laubenthal highlights several states finding efficiencies partnering with researchers to improve understanding of their education systems.Read More >

Creating a Lab in the Real World

At last! Randomized control trials (established in medicine and many other fields) are now being used more routinely within the study of entrepreneurship and innovation. Kauffman Foundation Director E.J. Reedy explores the slow uptake and emerging opportunities for this new means of data collection. Read More >

Dominance through Consoritia

Bluetooth. Wifi. Technology consortia are incredibly important drivers of the products that make it to the market everyday but most people don't understand much about them at all. New data on industry consortia and technology standards should open up this hidden world.Read More >

Is it 15 percent or 35 percent?

Ah, the power of words, and timing! Which would you think produces the most informative answer? “If you were laid-off, how would you find a job?” or, “Would you consider starting your own business if you were to lose your job?” Kauffman Foundation Director E.J. Reedy examines a European Commission poll to help us decipher.Read More >

What Do the Averages Obscure?

The averages and aggregate totals which we rely on for so much of our understanding of the economy need to be rethought. Kauffman Foundation Director E.J. Reedy considers a new report from Bruegel highlighting the need for more firm-level information and nuance in some of national tracking. Read More >

How Many Millionaires are Small Business Owners?

Of course most millionaires are small business owners. But how would small business owners be impacted by tax increases on those earning more than a million dollars? Borrowing/Risk/Wealth-what are the correlations? Kauffman Foundation Director E.J. Reedy highlights relevant data and research to take a closer look at how business owners appear similar, and different, to other groups in their wealth and risk preferences. Read More >