Surveys on Health Insurance #2

A month or so back I did a post on the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust Employer Health Benefits Annual Survey which is a survey of employers on benefits issues. Today, I thought I would highlight the Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey. The most recent survey was completed in 2007 and the survey instrument and other summary reports are available online. A specific report on small business was released last week. 

Right away, one thing which is different about the Commonwealth survey is that it is a household survey, not a business survey. This has some major advantages when looking at this issue since health care is often a topic which is not well understood without full information on all members of a household. How is entrepreneurship measured in the survey?

D6 Are you now SELF-employed or are you employed by someone else? [IF HAS MORE
THAN ONE JOB: Please think about your MAIN job, where you work the most hours.]
(Trend 2001 D5, 2003 D5, 2005 D6)
1 Self-employed
2 Employed by someone else
8 Don’t know
9 Refused

D7 Do you work by yourself, do you employ other people, or do you work with other people?
(Trend 2005 D7)
1 Just self
2 Employ other people
3 Work with other people
8 Don’t know
9 Refused

So, self-employment and size of business are the two main cuts. No business age is collected or if the people involved in the smaller businesses are actually owners or founder.

And what have the results shown? They really tend to highlight the potential improvements for many involved in entrepreneurship if some sort of improved health insurance options can be worked out. Currently, the self-employed and those working for smaller firms are the most likely people to report going without insurance at some point in a given year. 

Read more from the source report.

It'd be great to look at an oversample of nascent entrepreneurs with this population to consider if anything new could be learned.

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