Experience #KCGreatSchools in 20 Tweets

In fall 2015, the Kauffman Foundation began sponsoring Great Schools Visits to cities around the country. The purpose of the visits is to expose Kansas City community members from a cross section of occupations, interests and backgrounds to cities with high concentrations of quality district and charter schools that serve a similar population of students as those in Kansas City. Equally important is the opportunity for people who don’t really talk together all that much to get on the same plane, on buses, in schools and around dinner tables creating new dialogues among themselves about public education in Kansas City.

Attendees got a chance to see schools and teachers in action – each with its own unique approach to structure, culture and curriculum. Upon returning to Kansas City, attendees agree to gather together to talk about their visits and have already begun conversations about how to raise expectations for what’s possible in our public schools.

The Foundation has sponsored six Great Schools Visits to Boston, Denver, the Bay Area and New Orleans. Four additional visits are scheduled this spring. To date, nearly 100 Kansas City community members from 67 organizations, businesses and schools (district and charter) have attended a visit.

Below are some of the tweets attendees and other community members have shared using the hashtag #KCGreatSchools.


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Murray Woodard

Murray Woodard is a program officer in Education for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where he supports education-focused initiatives through program development, project management, building relationships, and conducting research. He contributes to all areas of education programming and grant making.