2016 High School Seniors are Reaching Higher

For as long as I can remember, many educational organizations like Kauffman Scholars, Inc. and Missouri College Advising Corps have used a day in spring to recognize high school students for making their final college decision. This day was appropriately named Decision Day.

This particular Decision Day season was especially exciting courtesy of FLOTUS. In late 2015, First Lady Michelle Obama took ownership of the college signing/decision season by launching her Reach Higher Initiative.

I believe that the Reach Higher movement, along with the new guidelines regarding Federal Financial Aid, puts the U.S. one step closer to easing the matriculation process for students and families, and possibly meeting the 2025 postsecondary completion goal put forth by the Lumina Foundation.

On a personal level, this program brings me great joy because it provides a vehicle to combine efforts across the country into a single rallying cry: #ReachHigher.

Let’s have a little fun by celebrating a few Kauffman Scholars who have decided to #ReachHigher! 

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Eric Wilkinson

Eric Wilkinson

Eric Wilkinson manages the day-to-day operations of the postsecondary team and provides direct supervision to the Postsecondary Coaches and Advisors. Prior to joining Kauffman Scholars in 2009, Eric spent five-plus years in higher education working in the areas of admission and student affairs. Eric earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Pittsburg State University.