5 Things You Need to Know About Individual Schools Grants

A group of University Academy seniors on the University of Minnesota campus during their fall 2015 “Senior Trip,” where students visited a cross section of public, private, large and small institutions to aid them during the college application and selection process. This trip was made possible by a Kauffman Foundation Individual Schools Grant. To date, 100 percent of University Academy seniors have been accepted to multiple colleges, with a total of more than $4,000,000 in scholarship offers.

The Kauffman Foundation has launched its next round of Individual Schools Grants, and initial applications are now available for schools to apply. The Individual Schools Grant Program supports improvement and enhancement efforts in Kansas City-area district, charter or private schools demonstrating proven or promising academic results while serving a significant percentage of lower-income students. 

Since the program launched last June, we’ve awarded more than $2 million in Individual Schools Grants to eight schools. Grantees include three district schools, three charter schools and two private schools serving low-income students. Visit the Individual Schools Grants page to learn more about previously awarded grants.

A few things that you should know before applying: 

  1. Proven or promising academic results. Schools that are achieving positive outcomes with low-income students are eligible to apply, with the goal of helping these schools continue to improve and become proof points from which other educators and schools can learn.
  2. Changes in 2016. If you’ve looked at Individual Schools Grants in the past, you’ll notice we’ve made several improvements based on what we’ve learned from the previous cycles, such as having multiple grant tiers to increase eligibility options for schools.
  3. Enhance, Innovate, Explore. The grants enable the school to explore new programming, enhance existing programs to get better results or innovate to bring new ideas and approaches to the school.
  4. Proposals should originate at the school level. To ensure school-wide buy-in, we feel it is important for school-level leaders to drive this process. School leaders are invited to apply for a grant, which will support initiatives that take place within an individual school or set of collaborating schools.
  5. The next deadline to apply is May 31. Additional information and the initial application can be found here.


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Amy Gale

Amy Gale is a program officer in Education for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where she manages projects around quality schools and human capital initiatives and identifies, researches, and builds relationships around emerging education-related projects.