About Edinsight

Ewing Kauffman believed that a great education was essential to his success and should be available to all young people, regardless of economics, race, ethnicity, neighborhood, or other factors that too often play a role in a student’s access to quality education options. The Kauffman Foundation provides grants that support efforts to ensure every student in Kansas City is prepared for life, education, and work after high school. It is a privilege to be part of Ewing Kauffman’s legacy. The work puts us into close contact with people, programs, schools, and research with messages and lessons that should extend beyond the walls of the Kauffman Foundation.

We hope to share that information in EDinsight with interested readers, but also to ask the questions, confront the controversies, and explore the new ideas that are part of an increasingly vibrant education community in Kansas City. We plan to publish new posts every week and hope to share the successes, challenges, knowledge, and questions we encounter as both a funder and an engaged community organization in Kansas City’s education space. Your comments and feedback are most welcome.