Fellows Named for Entrepreneurship Research

A new group of scholars was tapped by the Kauffman Foundation for fellowships in entrepreneurship research. Each fellow's university will receive a grant of $35,000 over two years to support their research activities.

The Kauffman Junior Faculty Fellowship in Entrepreneurship Research (KJFF) program recognizes junior faculty members in the United States whose research has the potential to make significant contributions to the body of literature in entrepreneurship.

The 2014 fellowship recipients, along with their university affiliations, are:

  • Ufuk Akcigit, University of Pennsylvania
  • Shai Bernstein, Stanford University
  • Nathan R. Furr, Brigham Young University
  • Rory M. McDonald, Harvard Business School
  • Benjamin Moll, Princeton University
  • Alexander Oettl, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Heidi L. Williams, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The KJFF is one of three programs in the Kauffman Emerging Scholars initiative, which supports the overall goal of building the field of entrepreneurship research.

The initiative, which includes the KJFF, Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Prize Medal for Distinguished Research in Entrepreneurship, assists talented young scholars in their efforts to earn doctoral degrees, encourages scholars to conduct research early in their careers and recognizes ground-breaking research — all with a focus on entrepreneurship.

The Foundation's Emerging Scholars programs support and recognize achievements of promising scholars in early stages of their careers.

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