Innovation Weekly August 25

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Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation--courtesy of Innovation America. Below, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories compiled from the last week.

The Return of America’s Cities: Economic Rebound and the Future of America’s Urban Centers
Penn Institute for Urban Research
Cities are back. For the first time in decades, and, for three consecutive years, cities in the United States are growing faster than their surrounding suburbs. The innovation occurring in cities is critical to the ongoing economic recovery. Nonetheless, legacy problems stemming from the historical decline of America’s cities in the second half of the 20th century, coupled with obsolete governance, persist.

Crowdfunding and Venture Funding: More Alike Than You Think Bits
Researchers are tapping into the growing data on crowdfunding to take stock of the phenomenon. A central question: Do crowds — driven by a herd mentality, crowd euphoria or sheer silliness — gravitate toward funding seemingly irrelevant ideas? Or can crowds make rational funding decisions and, better yet, exceed venture capital investors and other traditional gatekeepers in identifying promising projects?

Lessons In Entrepreneurship: Think Globally, Use Your Own Cash, And Learn By Doing
Entrepreneurs have got it wrong about education. Traditional models of sitting in classrooms listening to lectures have passed their sell-by date. The future lies in experiential learning by doing.

Three Reasons to Keep Working on a Doomed Startup
Fast Company | Business + Innovation
When we’re in the early stages of the startup, the valley of death, we will often find ourselves questioning our ideas many times. This is great, as we need to validate our assumptions, but it also means we can find the lizard brain kicking in and persuading us we should give up.

Venture Capitalists Now Search Crowdfunding Sites for Opportunities
Small Business Trends
A report released last week by research firm CB Insights found that about 9 percent of the 443 hardware projects that have reached the $100,000 threshold on crowdfunding platforms have also raised venture capital. It’s easy to see why this trend has been beneficial for venture capitalists. 

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