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Innovation Daily

Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation--courtesy of Innovation America. Below, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories compiled from the last week.

When Women Venture to Get Venture Capital
There is more Venture and Angel money being invested than ever – in 2013 alone $29B in Venture and $25B in Angel. Why are so few women entrepreneurs pursuing Venture Capital and when they do, why is their success rate so low? 

Science, Technology Investments Paid Off in Big Way for Oklahoma
Oklahoma had a clear vision for its future when the Oklahoma Center for Science and Technology (OCAST) was formed — to create a unique agency focused exclusively on technology-based economic development. The intention was to diversify Oklahoma’s energy and agriculture-based economy through research, technology transfer, seed capital, and support to advanced manufacturing.

Does Your Area Support an ‘Innovation Ecosystem’?
Site Selection
Considerable change is under way in the research and science park industry. To be sure, some legacy parks continue to enjoy success with their original business model of large, single-user corporate research and development facilities.  However, a newer model is rapidly evolving across the world that is less focused on a single piece of real estate and more focused on the overall innovation ecosystem. 

Why the SBIC Doesn’t Work for Venture Capital Anymore
Business Insider
An article in Daily Camera titled “Small Business Administration trying to bring SBIC funds to Colorado” is an example of the difference between signal and noise in any kind of reporting around the VC industry.

Bubblemania: Will We Party Like It’s 1999?
Feverish tech activity is exciting and in many ways similar to 15 years ago. We aren't at dot-bomb levels of hysteria, but there's one big problem that may threaten growth.

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