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A couple of pieces of legislation on regulation and taxes get a closer look this week in the House while competition in the wireless market and the semi-annual monetary policy report highlight activity in the Senate. Other topics covered by hearings this week include: equity market structure, health insurance, access to energy, veteran employment, infrastructure improvements and more.

/// HOUSE ////

HR 2804 — All Economic Regulations are Transparent (ALERT) Act of 2013
House Committee on Rules
H-313 U.S. Capitol Building
Tuesday, Feb. 25
5:00 pm

HR 292 — The Business Activity Tax Simplification Act of 2013
House Committee on the Judiciary
2141 Rayburn HOB
Wednesday, Feb. 26
4:00 pm

Providing Access to Affordable, Flexible Health Plans through Self-Insurance
House Committee on Education and the Workforce
Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions
2175 Rayburn HOB
Wednesday, Feb. 26
10:00 am

Mars Flyby 2021: The First Deep Space Mission for the Orion and Space Launch System
House Committee on Science, Space and Technology
2318 Rayburn HOB
Thursday, Feb. 27
10:00 am

Improving the Nation’s Highway Freight Network
House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure
2167 Rayburn HOB
Thursday, Feb. 27
10:00 am

Benefits of and Challenges to Energy Access in the 21st Century: Electricity
House Committee on Energy & Commerce
Subcommittee on Energy and Power
2123 Rayburn HOB
Thursday, Feb. 27
10:15 am

Review of the Effectiveness of VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program
House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity
334 Cannon HOB
Thursday, Feb. 27
10:00 am

Equity Market Structure: A Review of SEC Regulation NMS
House Committee on Financial Services
Subcommittee on Capital Markets & Government Sponsored Enterprises
2128 Rayburn HOB
Friday, Feb. 28
9:30 am

 /// SENATE ///

An Examination of Competition in the Wireless Market
Senate Committee on the Judiciary
Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights
226 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Wednesday, Feb. 26
10:00 am

The Semi-Annual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress
Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
538 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Thursday, Feb. 27
10:00 am


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