Exchange Program Aims to Strengthen Entrepreneurship in Americas

The U.S. Department of Commerce, in collaboration with INADEM (the Mexican National Entrepreneurship Institute), Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Organization of American States, is organizing a high-level visit and cooperative exchange to three Mexican centers of innovation and entrepreneurship later this summer.

The second Americas Competitiveness Exchange on Innovation and Entrepreneurship is intended for "gatekeepers who can make economic development happen, including: Vice Ministers, Private Sector Leaders, Mayors or Senior Leaders from major cities, Chancellors/Presidents/Vice Presidents of universities, Directors of Technology and Innovation Centers in Universities, senior leaders of regional economic development partnership groups and more.

The exchange, planned for August 11-15, 2014, follows up on the initial exchange earlier this year when a delegation of 45 business and government leaders from 20 Latin American and Caribbean countries visited five U.S. cities.

The exchange aims to showcase successful entrepreneurship systems, innovation hubs, investment mechanisms and public-private partnerships in the Mexican Federal District, Aguascalientes and Guadalajara.  The sites that participants will visit include research and development centers related to agribusiness, advanced manufacturing, and electronics industries as well as startup accelerators and technology parks.

For those interested in participating, additional details are available from the organizers. The deadline for applications is July 21, 2014.

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