A Look Back at Innovation Daily

Innovation Daily

Each day, Innovation Daily checks the pulse of global innovation--courtesy of Innovation America. Below, we take a look at a handful of relevant stories compiled from the last week.

  • Business Schools Should Be Transformed to Drive Entrepreneurism
    As we continue to recover from a global recession and look to the future, it’s imperative that we build more entrepreneurial-driven academic institutions. Not only will this provide the foundation for much-needed innovation, it also will strengthen economies by providing jobs and fostering sustainable growth in enterprises.

  • Why the U.S. Will Rule the Legacy Economy
    Pacific Standard: The Science of Society
    To review, Silicon Valley is dying. Pittsburgh will take its place as the epicenter of the next economic epoch. The Innovation Economy is in decline. The Legacy Economy ascends. There isn’t a next or new Silicon Valley. Perhaps Pittsburgh won’t reign as king of the Legacy Economy. But I’m confident the United States will host the center of gravity for an era when talent is the dearest commodity.

  • Middle East & Africa: Youth Driving Its Innovation Ecosystems
    The Next Silicon Valley
    Whether in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Israel, or many parts of the Middle East and Africa, you often only hear news reports of the troubles. But look deeper and there’s a lot more that’s going on.
  • Philadelphia Is Poised to Become Silicon Valley of Health Care Innovation
    Could Philadelphia harness its world class universities, strong health and life sciences economy and active entrepreneurial community to deal with challenges in health care – and become the Silicon Valley of health care innovation? 

  • Stanford's StartX Among Region's Key University Incubators
    In a colorful office on the Peninsula, students and professors agonize over code and molecules late at night, occasionally interrupting work with quick bouts of Nerf gunplay and basketball. This is StartX, where a select group of Stanford University entrepreneurs try to turn apps or other inventions into businesses that will revolutionize society or make a killing on the stock market -- or preferably both.
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