Switzerland Once Again Tops Global Innovation Index

One of the rankings that we track regularly is the Global Innovation Index from INSEAD (one of the world’s most well-known business schools), the World Intellectual Property Organization and Cornell University. The Index evaluates economies based on their scientific and creative innovation outputs, as well as innovation inputs in five categories: institutions; human capital and research; infrastructure; market sophistication; and, business sophistication.

So which countries come out on top? Switzerland and Sweden remain in the top two spots and while there weren't any newcomers to the top 10, there was a bit of movement. The two largest movers in the top 10 were the United States, up five spots from 10th to 5th, and Singapore which was down five from 3rd to 8th. 

The top 10 economies in the 2013 Global Innovation Index:

1. Switzerland (previously 1st)

2. Sweden (previously 2nd)

3. United Kingdom (previously 5th)

4. Netherlands (previously 6th)

5. United States of America (previously 10th)

6. Finland (previously 4th)

7. Hong Kong (China) (previously 8th)

8. Singapore (previously 3rd)

9. Denmark (previously 7th)

10. Ireland (previously 9th)

According to the latest Index, local dynamics are responsible for holding together a still fragile global economic recovery. It points to a shift in innovation policy that focuses on: (1) encouraging high-tech, knowledge-based or 'creative' industries; (2) building up research excellence; (3) attracting global companies; and (4) stimulating spin-offs.


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