TWIEP: Congress Returns with Focus on Ebola, ISIL

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy is back as the mid-term elections are finally behind us and news stories about the return of a lame-duck Congress are everywhere. There isn’t much currently scheduled in terms of committee hearings — and those that are scheduled mostly focus on battling either Ebola or ISIL rather than issues related to entrepreneurial growth.

As everyone knows by now, the election results last week turn control of the Senate back to the Republican Party in January. That means that Senate committees (as well as some in the House) will be under new leadership, although we probably won’t know chairmanships or assignments for certain until the New Year.

While a broad range of committees touch on the issues relevant to new firm formation, the House Small Business Committee and the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship will both undergo changes at the top.

With Rep. Sam Graves planning to step down from the chairmanship of the House committee, Rep. Steve Chabot — who recently contributed a guest post to PDE — is seen as a likely replacement.

On the Senate side, Sen. David Vitter has been informing supporters that he will be taking the chairmanship of the Senate committee rather than ranking member Sen. James Risch.


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