On Forbes.com: Lessons from Founder Tweets

City leaders across the United States are trying to build robust startup communities. It might surprise them to learn that Twitter activities are a clue into entrepreneur networking patterns.

In this Forbes.com blog post, Kauffman researchers Arnobio Morelix and Yasuyuki Motoyama highlight insights they gleaned from studying participants in the Kansas City 1 Million Cups entrepreneur program on Twitter.

The findings have implications for local policymakers and entrepreneur support programs.

Read an excerpt of the article below.

1 million cups

Building Your Startup Community: Lessons from Entrepreneur Twitter Patterns

The 74 entrepreneurs surveyed followed a total of 18,929 and 22,339 Twitter feeds in May 2013 and January 2014, respectively.

In order to understand the commonalities of networking behavior among these entrepreneurs, we looked at the "most popular" profiles, comprising the top 9 percent of most-followed profiles.

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