On Forbes.com: Factors That Result in Entrepreneurial Success

While entrepreneurs often are known for their do-it-all approach, the success of their ventures is sometimes found in things outside of their control, and how they react matters.

In an article for Forbes.com, Dane Stangler, Kauffman Foundation vice president of Research & Policy, speaks to the power of teamwork, discipline, the American system, and even a little luck in bringing founders prosperity.

Stangler, who recently returned from a major entrepreneurship competition in Florida, mentions the common factors that each of the winners described in their thank you speeches.

He considers the circumstances each startup experiences, and how persevering through obstacles, managing resources as a team, and seizing opportunities have resulted in the best for these entrepreneurs.

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What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur Might Surprise You

Luck, teamwork, discipline and America. Those are my takeaways about key factors that contribute to entrepreneurial success after attending a major entrepreneurship competition in Florida.

Each November for decades now, the accounting firm EY announces the winner of its Entrepreneur Of The Year competition at its Strategic Growth Forum.

Leading up to that announcement, a series of regional competitions takes place throughout the country. Regional winners in each industry category proceed to the national competition.

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