Energizing Health Collaboration Series | Pittsburgh | Building Bridges: Beyond Patient Engagement

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in collaboration with Health Data Consortium will host a series of events across six major U.S. cities — Boston, Pittsburgh, New York City, Houston, Kansas City, and San Francisco — to connect healthcare innovators.

Visit the Energizing Health Collaboration Series page on Entrepreneurship.org for more information.

Read more about the Pittsburgh event.

At each event, a group of selected entrepreneurs will have a chance to meet and discuss collaboration and development opportunities with key stakeholders within healthcare.

Participants will include hospital systems and care centers, payers, technologists, and other industry leaders.

The events are designed to facilitate dialogue and collaborations, and can help catalyze innovation within the healthcare sector.

The Kauffman Foundation will collect data on each event and its outcomes through a variety of platforms, and will study the interactions and collaborations that result from the events.

The product of this analysis will be a publication of its findings.

The objectives for each event are to:

(1) Enable Entrepreneurs and Partners to meet and brainstorm around specific unmet needs within the healthcare sector;

(2) Introduce collaboration tools and best practices that will enable Partners and Entrepreneurs to handle matters such as data standards and ownership rights as well as intellectual property; and

(3) Collect and share information on what makes collaborations work and thus how to get more products and services in the hands of care providers and patients.