Letter of Inquiry

We encourage all grant seekers to take time to learn about our funding priorities before submitting a letter of inquiry.

Your Letter Should Include

Who: A description of your organization and a brief summary of your organization's achievements in relation to the problem or need you are addressing in your proposal.

What and How: A statement of the problem or need you plan to address and an explanation of how your organization will respond to it. Include a brief statement of what you expect to achieve through your efforts.

When: Explain the timeframe for the proposed activities.

How Much: Estimate the cost of the entire project or activity and include the specific amount requested from the Kauffman Foundation. If you are seeking or have secured funds from another organization to help support your proposal, include that information as well.

Please Note: All grant funds are required to be used for direct project/program expenses. No portion may be used for indirect expenses.

Due to the large volume of materials we receive, please do not send annual reports, publications, bound materials, letters of support, invoices, photographs, videos, cassettes, compact discs, news clippings, books, magazines or newsletters.

Grants Administrator
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
4801 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110-2046

Our Review Process

We will honor your request by responding to all letters of inquiry.

All letters are screened to determine if they relate to the Foundation's funding priorities.

The route a proposal takes through the Foundation depends on the size of the investment, how closely it aligns with the Foundation's goals and whether funding is available.

At this preliminary stage, we discourage personal visits to the Foundation by prospective grantees. Along the way during the review process, we may contact the organization to clarify the request.

Letters of inquiry that meet our initial criteria are reviewed in greater depth.

However, the review process often takes several weeks to complete. If a grant request falls within the Foundation's programming interests and guidelines, and if the Foundation decides to further consider that request, we may ask the organization to develop a more detailed proposal.

We also may respond to requests by approving or declining a proposal as it is submitted, or request clarification and/or offer technical assistance.

Organizations selected to receive a grant will be expected to provide an Internal Revenue Service tax classification letter.