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KC Scholars

KC Scholars helps low- and modest-income students, as well as adult learners, finance and complete a college education.

4.0 Schools

4.0 Schools is a nonprofit incubator of education entrepreneurs

Innovative Solutions Driven By Community Influence

The Lean Lab’s 2016 Incubator Fellowship welcomes parents, students and teachers to impact education innovation.

The Lean Lab

The Lean Lab is an innovation laboratory for K-12 public education focused in Kansas City

Stay or Go Home? International STEM Students in the United States are Up for Grabs after Graduation

Kauffman Foundation study recommends policies to open the door wider to benefit U.S. innovation and competitiveness

Old World, Old Question. New World, New Question?

Shifting the question in education from, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" to, "what problem do you want to solve?"

Innovate Your Organization in 5 Steps: Design Thinking

Design thinking is a tool many organizations are adopting to promote a culture of innovation. Follow this for 5 steps to apply design thinking to your organization.

The Future of School: Innovation, Community, Kansas City

With a relentless focus on families and students, Matt Candler, Founder and CEO of 4.0 Schools, discusses their partnership with The Lean Lab to bring new opportunities for education innovation to Kansas City.

Data and Education – Q&A with Author of the New Book Data Literacy for Educators

Arnobio Morelix does Q&A with Kauffman's Edith Gummer on her new book, Data Literacy for Educators

As Education Innovation Evolves, Questions Remain

Edith Gummer, research director in Education, leaves the State of Entrepreneurship address with further questions around education and innovation.