Job Creation and the Economy

Entrepreneurs who launch new businesses are the driving force behind a vibrant society when they create new jobs, renew the economy and expand human welfare.

A Reflection of Entrepreneurs in Pop Culture: The Celebritization of Entrepreneurs

02/26/15 Kauffman researcher Colin Tomkins-Bergh explores the current entrepreneurship zeitgist and its potential implications on potential and young entrepreneurs.

Aging and Rising Generations May Be the Future of Entrepreneurship, According to Latest Kauffman Policy Digest

02/25/15 According to a new Entrepreneurship Policy Digest, the two biggest demographic developments in America today—the aging of boomers and the maturation of millennials—could have a positive influence on the economy if public policy helps them reach their entrepreneurial potential.

Demographic Trends Will Shape the Future of Entrepreneurship

02/25/15 Changing demographic trends are altering the American economic landscape in ways that will affect the economy for years to come. The aging of Boomers and the emergence of Millennials are two of the biggest demographic developments in America today.

Kauffman Founders School Twitter Chat: Millennials and the Next Wave of Entrepreneurship

02/24/15 - 02/24/15 Join @KauffmanFS and special guest @SBAgov on Twitter as we discuss opportunities and challenges for Millennial entrepreneurs.

Access to Credit Remains a Challenge for Entrepreneurs Despite Improving Economy

02/23/15 Annual Kauffman Foundation/LegalZoom survey of startup owners reveals an increasingly favorable entrepreneurial environment even with lingering credit issues

Help Shift the Economy Into Drive with Immigration Reform

02/20/15 Kauffman researcher Chris Jackson explores how immigrants contribute to economic growth and shows that current immigration policy is holding back the economy from functioning at its potential.

Infographic: Boomer Entrepreneurs and the State of Entrepreneurship

02/17/15 As the largest generation in American history transitions toward traditional retirement ages, what effect will it have on entrepreneurship? Will Baby Boomers continue to start businesses into their 70s and 80s? Will Boomer entrepreneurs transition their businesses to the next generation?

State of Entrepreneurship: Mixed Indicators Prompt Call for Entrepreneurial Renewal

02/11/15 Our annual address highlights an uptick in venture investments even as business creation loses steam, and analyzes the potential of aging and rising generations to shape entrepreneurship.

Infographic: Millennial Entrepreneurs and the State of Entrepreneurship

02/11/15 Born from 1981 to 1997, Millennials represent approximately 85 million Americans today. By 2025, they could represent up to 75 percent of the American workforce. The oldest Millennials turn 34 this year, entering primer age, historically, for entrepreneurship.

Kauffman Foundation’s Annual State of Entrepreneurship: How Millennials and Baby Boomers Will Chart the Course

02/10/15 The future of entrepreneurship is the theme of the 2015 State of Entrepreneurship Address, with a focus on two of the most significant demographic shifts in America today: the emergence of millennials in the workforce and aging of baby boomers.