Job Creation and the Economy

Entrepreneurs who launch new businesses are the driving force behind a vibrant society when they create new jobs, renew the economy and expand human welfare.

Kauffman's Trending Topics in 2014: Entrepreneurship Education, Startup Ecosystems, K-12 Teacher Development and Baseball

12/16/14 2014 has been another year of prolific online content distribution for the Kauffman Foundation, which annually assesses what topics net the most attention as one way to gauge priorities among its entrepreneurship and youth education audiences.

Mapping Our Future

At the Kauffman Foundation, we know that if our work is to make any difference, we must start by looking within.

Entrepreneurship Starts at Home: How Research Can Inform Policy

Kauffman research is increasingly pointing to the importance of location to entrepreneurship.

Occupations vs. Jobs, Part II

12/12/14 Senior Analyst Christopher Laubenthal takes a deeper dive on the difference between jobs and occupations, and how each changes (or doesn't) over time.

On Forbes: Casting the Spotlight on Successful Women Entrepreneurs

12/11/14 Kauffman Foundation Senior Fellow Alicia Robb features recent success stories in Boulder, Colorado, and highlights promising programs that seek to close the large, persistent gender gap in venture capital funding.

On Ideas to Boost Long-term Growth

12/04/14 Kauffman Foundation Vice President of Research & Policy Dane Stangler offers policy recommendations for how to increase long-term economic growth in the United States in two key areas: immigration and education.

Occupational Licensing: A Barrier to Entrepreneurship

In certain fields and professions, the path to opening a new business is marked with barriers that can slow or even block entrepreneurs.

Occupational Licensing Can Crimp Entrepreneurship, According to Latest Kauffman Policy Digest

12/02/14 Increasing licensing regulations in certain professions have the effect of building barriers to innovations and opening new businesses.

Entrepreneurship: New Directions for a New Era

As one of just a handful of private foundations with an emphasis in entrepreneurship, Kauffman has felt called to re-think its program strategies, for two reasons.

Bring Out the NETS to Capture Business level Data

11/19/14 Kauffman Foundation Research Director E.J. Reedy discusses why NETS is a great resource for scholars needing annual employment and revenue information on private businesses in the United States over time.