Job Creation and the Economy

Entrepreneurs who launch new businesses are the driving force behind a vibrant society when they create new jobs, renew the economy and expand human welfare.

Kauffman Sketchbook - "Myth-Busting Entrepreneurship"

09/16/14 Dane Stangler, vice president of Research & Policy at the Kauffman Foundation, discusses four persistent myths about entrepreneurship.

KCSourceLink Report Examines Entrepreneurship in Kansas City

09/15/14 The Kauffman-sponsored “We Create KC” report is organized around six imperatives identified as key areas of development in the region’s efforts to nurture entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Kauffman Foundation Senior Fellow Testifies Before Members of the U.S. House Committee on Small Business

09/10/14 Senior Fellow Jonathan Ortmans testified before the U.S. House Committee on Small Business in Washington, D.C., today, regarding the changing rate of business creation in America.

On Examining Pluses and Minuses and Non-Compete Agreements

08/14/14 In an article for, Dane Stangler, Kauffman Foundation vice president of Research & Policy, explores the benefits and downfalls of non-compete laws on entrepreneurial activity.

Insights on the Next American Economy

08/07/14 The Roosevelt Institute's Next American Economy project identifies the trends and challenges that will shape our economy in the next twenty-five years to better inform the policy decisions we must make today.

On The Hill: Startup Visas Can Positively Impact the Economy

07/23/14 Dane Stangler and Jason Wiens explain how a startup visa could create up to 1.6 million jobs and boost the economy by up to 1.5 percent.

New Kauffman Policy Digest Offers States Policy Alternatives that Spur Entrepreneurial Growth

06/11/14 Policy Digest points to strategies that can foster business creation rather than relocation to boost local economies

Entrepreneurship's Role in Economic Development

06/11/14 Culling ideas from Kauffman research and those developed at a recent Kauffman Foundation conference on state incentive programs, the Policy Digest offers the following strategies for how states can better foster entrepreneurship.

Agriculture Tech Advances Opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Kauffman/Danforth Plant Science Center Paper Shows

04/23/14 With total food demand expected to increase 70 percent by 2050 sustainable agriculture technology will be critical to increase productivity in the face of significant environmental constraints and challenges.

Kauffman Sketchbook Features Insights from the Founders of Warby Parker

04/22/14 Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal share the story of collaboration between close friends to create and build an online alternative to overpriced eyewear.