Research and Learning

Defining Entrepreneurship: From Dataset to Mindset

01/20/17   What is entrepreneurship? It's one word, but can mean something different to many different people. I dive into a few of the different perspectives, and open the discussions to others.

Is Entrepreneurship the Most Productive Part of our Economy?

12/02/16   This post is a part of a series by the Growthology team, where we take a look at some of the topics discussed in State of the Field, a compilation of knowledge on entrepreneurship research written by the leading experts in the field. This post looks at productivity.

Highlights from the 2016 REER Conference

12/01/16   Recapping the 2016 REER Conference with reports on papers about non-competes, the entrepreneurial mindset, and how tough times shape future entrepreneurs.

Are You Intel, Google, or Apple? Why Your Origin Matters

11/03/16   Some entrepreneurs start as employees as other firms, some start as academics, others start as dissatisfied customers. Each balance different challenges and opportunities, Agarawal provides five tips on their path to profit.

Collaboration, Not Technology, Spurs Education Data Use

11/01/16   Technology may aid data access, but Jeff Wayman finds data use comes from engagement on immediately releveant problems

Education Data Must Illuminate the Path to Improvement

09/27/16   Transparency isn’t simply access to education data—true transparency comes from the ability to use data to improve education.

Our Formula for Economically Empowering Women: Research + Solutions = Results

09/19/16   Enabling more women to become entrepreneurs and to open small businesses is one way we can help women succeed economically, helping their families and their communities.

Startup Activity in America -- A Look at Startup Policy and the Kauffman Index

08/31/16   Policy Director Jason Wiens and Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix share presentations and findings around the Kauffman Index of Startup Activity and what policymakers can do to affect it

”Normal” Jobs are a Safety Net for Entrepreneurs

08/26/16   The right incentives can go a long way towards successful entrepreneurship. How does a functional, healthy labor market help entrepreneurs?

Keeping Up with the Kauffman Dissertation Fellows

08/19/16   Every year we award 20 emerging entrepreneurship scholars with a $20,000 fellowship for their work in expanding the body of entrepreneurship research. After they finish their dissertations, the scholars send give us a summary of their work in addition to the full papers. Check out some of the valuable work these scholars are doing!