Teacher Quality

The Kauffman Foundation believes teachers and leaders in individual schools have the greatest effect on student academic outcomes. Recruiting, developing, and retaining the very best educators is critical to closing the achievement gap that persists in schools serving low-income students and diverse communities. The Foundation invests in programs that help draw and retain more talented teachers and leaders serving students in Kansas City’s schools.

City Year

As part of AmeriCorps, City Year places diverse young adults in high-need urban schools for a year of service to support students' academic and socio-emotional success.

Education is Rising in Kansas City

05/01/15 If you are an entrepreneurial educator with a proven record of raising academic achievement for urban students, check out these leadership opportunities.

Fund for Teachers

Funded by the Kauffman Foundation, Fund for Teachers experiences transform teachers' careers and classrooms for years to come.

Kauffman Foundation Announces Kansas City's 2015 Fund for Teachers Fellows

04/02/15 The Kauffman Foundation has unveiled the list of 12 educators who will embark on self-designed odysseys as Kansas City’s 2015 Fund for Teachers Fellows.

Kauffman Foundation Launches Online Resource For Education Leadership Positions in Kansas City

03/17/15 Kauffman’s “Brighter Futures” initiative helps local organizations and schools attract outcomes-driven educators

21st Century Skills? More like 18th Century Skills

03/03/15 Kauffman researcher Christopher Laubenthal explores the so called 21st century skills and investigates how different they actually are from skills required from previous generations.

Economics and Teacher Prep: Higher Standards Needed

02/24/15 Kauffman researcher Christopher Laubenthal explores challenges of teacher training in the 21st century in his "Human Capital and the Economy" series.

Are We Smart Enough to Take Advantage of our Economic Opportunities?

02/17/15 Kauffman researcher Christopher Laubenthal investigates if we are smart enough to take advantage of our economic opportunities on his Human Capital and the Economy series.


The Kauffman Foundation's support of Donors Choose provides match funding for classroom projects posted on DonorsChoose.org by public school teachers in the Greater Kansas City area.

Fund for Teachers 2015 Eligibility and Requirements

Fund for Teachers is a national program that helps teachers identify and pursue self-directed learning opportunities around the globe that have the greatest impact on their practice, the academic lives of their students and their school communities.