University Innovation

College campuses can be the seedbed where imagination, knowledge, and technological developments come together to grow new products, processes, applications, materials, or services.

Innovation Fund America

Launched in 2012 to position select community colleges around the nation to find, fund, and mentor innovative local startups with the potential to grow.

iBridge Network

iBridge is a global, centralized resource for unbiased information about early-stage technologies and inventions.

Kauffman Campuses Initiative

The Kauffman Campuses initiative, which operated from 2003 to 2013, was designed to transform the way colleges and universities prepare students for success in the American economy.

Understanding the Great Brain Race in Higher Education

06/06/13 The United States should respond to the globalization of higher education not with angst but with a sense of possibility. Neither a gradual erosion in the U.S. market share of students, nor the emergence of ambitious new competitors in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East means that American universities are on an inevitable path to decline.

A customizable online platform for organizations running business competitions around the globe.

From Lab Bench to Innovation: Critical Challenges to Nascent Academic Entrepreneurs

05/08/13 This study examines the particular experience of nascent academic entrepreneurs (NAEs) and the implications of this experience for universities and policymakers.

Innovation Fund America Announcement

01/31/13 Kauffman Foundation and Lorain County Community College announce three schools to pilot a program that invests in, mentors and motivates high-growth entrepreneurs.

University Technology Transfer Through Entrepreneurship: Faculty and Students in Spinoffs

08/15/12 Graduate and post-doctoral students are critical participants in university commercialization efforts, according to this study, which examines students' roles in university startups and compares the functions and responsibilities of faculty, entrepreneurs and students in successfully moving university innovations to market.

College 2.0: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Reforming Higher Education

06/07/12  High school class of 2012 graduates will soon find themselves entering a higher education system facing unprecedented challenges — and skyrocketing college costs are only part of the problem. In this report, a panel of education leaders and policy experts identify critical challenges facing U.S. higher education and offer ambitious solutions to reform — and reinvent — the system itself.

The New Role of Academia in Drug Development

05/27/11 A recent town hall meeting offered an opportunity to explore how government, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions can define new models of working with the private sector to enhance drug development efforts and bring safer, more effective drugs to the market more efficiently.