Data Visualization Tournament Results

The afternoon before the 2016 Missouri Education Data Summit a few experienced data users from schools, districts, universities, and education non-profit organizations state wide were invited to use aggregate education data found on the Missouri state department of education and higher education's websites to build a visualization. Participants had less than 17 hours to produce an entrant starting after 4 p.m. and running until 7 a.m. the next morning. Results were judged the next day at the Missouri Education Data Summit by a three-person panel on the topics of salience to intended audience, efficacy of design, and clarity of design. Below are the entries and winners.

1st Place

“Comparison District Selector”
A visualization for use by a wide variety of users (districts, Missouri education officials, members of the public), Comparison District Selector reviews MSIP percentages, MAP scale scores, and ACT outcomes in a dynamic fashion. 

Kevin Beckner, Coordinator of Student Assessment for Parkway C-2 School District

2nd Place

“A Study in Attendance, Discipline, and End of Course Exams in Grade 9”
A small research study, which reviews the interaction of attendance and discipline with grade 9 end of course exams in English Language Arts for high schools similar to Smithville High School.

Dr. Mike Bartig, Principal of Smithville High School
Chris Heslinga, Associate Principal of Smithville High School

Remaining Entrants from 2016 (in no particular order)

“Return on Investment” A visualization that reviews the intersection of current expenditures per average daily attendance and ACT composite scores over a decade for the 22 school districts of St. Louis County. 

Dr. Travis Bracht, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Affton School District
Dr. Lisa Jo Elliott, Director of Human Factors and Usability Testing Master's Program for Missouri Western State University

“ACT & Proportional Attendance”
A visualization that allows for a deep dive into ACT subject scores and proportional attendance across the whole state of Missouri.

Ron House, Web Applications Developer for Johnson County, Kansas
Kristin Kush, Research and Evaluation Associate for PREP-KC

A visualization aimed at helping parents locate schools near them than fit this post-secondary needs.

Steve Altenhofen, Assistant Director of Data Systems for North Kansas City School District