Resources and Reports

Name Organization Paper Title
Dean Baker Center for Economic and Policy Research Growth and Dynamism of the U.S. Economy in the Recovery
Jeremy M. Goldberg and Max Neiman Civic Consulting USA; Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley Public Policy and Boosting Economic Performance in America: A Selective Discussion
John Haltiwanger University of Maryland and NBER Top Ten Signs of Declining Business Dynamism and Entrepreneurship in the U.S.
Brink Lindsey Cato Institute Accelerating Growth by Curbing Regressive Regulation
Aparna Mathur American Enterprise Institute Policy Ideas To Spur Entrepreneurship in the United States
Aaron M. Renn Manhattan Institute Rethinking the Success Strategy of America's Cities
David Schleicher Yale Law School The Irony of Exclusionary Zoning
Elliot Schwartz NGA Center for Best Practices Policy and Practice Roundtable
Petr Sedláček University of Bonn What is going on with growth, entrepreneurship, and economic dynamism?