Kauffman's Hottest Trending Content in 2012: Research Reports, Infographics and Video Sketchbooks

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Foundation releases final Sketchbook of 2012 inspired by a popular TEDxKC talk on "The Half-Life of Facts"

(KANSAS CITY, Mo.), Dec. 12, 2012 – The Kauffman Foundation today compiled its most popular online content in 2012. Trending topics range from annual startup rates, the geography of high-growth firms and the poor track record of venture capital investment funds to inspiring animated video "Sketchbooks" that feature immigrant entrepreneurs and programs for aspiring founders.

Here are highlights of some of the most in-demand content:

  • Kauffman Senior Scholar Samuel Arbesman gave one of the most popular TEDxKC talks this year, which is the inspiration for a new Foundation Sketchbook unveiled today. "The Half-Life of Facts," narrated by Arbesman, touches upon his book by the same title, explaining how understanding that knowledge changes can help people assimilate all the information they are inundated with every day.
  • The year kicked off on the inspirational side of entrepreneurship with a Public Service Announcement that has more than 28,000 views so far. The video Sketchbook "Will It Be You?" declares that "the next great entrepreneur is out there" — and people are clicking to watch the animated video again and again.
  • The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity once again tops the list of downloaded reports. The leading indicator of new business creation in the United States reveals that though entrepreneurship dipped in 2011, it remained above pre-recession levels. The Index came to life visually in a popular infographic that highlights entrepreneurial activity by demographics, gender, state and metropolitan area.
  • The compelling white paper, "We Have Met the Enemy … And He Is Us," continues to spark debate and international attention about its findings that reveal that most institutional investors, including larger state pension funds, endowments and foundations, may be shortchanged by their investments in venture capital funds.
  • The Foundation's series of in-depth studies on the geography of Inc. 500 firms are among the most downloaded reports in 2012. The Ascent of America's High-Growth Companies finds that these fast-growing companies flourish in surprising places.
  • In Kansas City, Mo., 165 entrepreneurs crowded Kauffman Labs for Enterprise Creation on Nov. 28 during the most-attended 1 Million Cups entrepreneur pitch program of the year.

View the Half Life of Facts Sketchbook: