New Kauffman Sketchbook Video Offers the Unexpected

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Six decades after Ewing Kauffman started his company, entrepreneurs continue to see the world in a different way as they create something new

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (June 5, 2013) — This month the Kauffman Foundation celebrates the 63rd anniversary of the founding of Ewing Kauffman's Marion Laboratories with a new installment in the popular Kauffman Sketchbook video series. The new animated video, titled "Seeing the Unexpected," features Zach Kaplan, CEO of Inventables, and pays tribute to the innovative nature, instinct for the future and unconventional approach that enables entrepreneurs to create something new.

"The best entrepreneurs are just curious by nature," says Kaplan to open the three-minute animated video, which recalls the themes of a memorable TED Talk he delivered with his Inventables co-founder, Keith Schacht. "When you learn about something unexpected, it expands your understanding of what's possible, and now you can come up with all these new ideas."  

Kaplan's insights might readily apply to Ewing Kauffman's approach to growing Marion Labs, which combined innovative ideas, a close-knit work culture and an understanding of how to turn breakthrough technology into viable products. 

A keen sense for an untapped market is a rare ability that Kaplan believes serves entrepreneurs well. "The extent to which you can find one or, then, ten or a hundred people who see why this is great gives you a chance to change it from something that's more science or technology into a product," Kaplan says

About the Kauffman Sketchbook Video Series
Since the Kauffman Sketchbook series launched in September 2011, the videos featuring the insights of influential thought leaders in the areas of education and entrepreneurship have drawn more than 248,000 viewers to YouTube and The Sketchbooks, which won a top award from the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, have been widely shared on a variety of websites, blogs and social media outlets, as well as at numerous events and conferences.