'Growthology' focuses on links between entrepreneurship, economic welfare and economic growth;

'Data Maven' deep dives into information becoming available to study trends in both entrepreneurship and youth education

(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) Nov. 6, 2014 – After a hiatus to refresh content and direction, the Kauffman Foundation is re-launching two blogs that explore entrepreneurship and education trends and research.

Growthology delves into entrepreneurship and policy trends related to economic growth. Data Maven, which takes deep dives into the data underlying entrepreneurial trends, is expanding its focus to include education topics.  

Dedicated to the research of entrepreneurial economics and its relationship to growth, Growthology authors will post weekly, sharing ideas and perspectives on enhancing faster economic growth, greater individual opportunity, smart government policy and the expansion of human welfare. Growthology also will welcome analysis and perspectives from other Kauffman experts, as well as invited guests.

"Growthology will join economics bloggers and journalists in the ongoing conversation about entrepreneurship, economic welfare and growth," said Jordan Zachary Bell-Masterson, Kauffman Foundation Research and Policy research analyst and Growthology editor. "The blog will draw on extensive research from Kauffman and other sources to offer observations on papers, books, speeches, articles and more."

Data Maven is written for policymakers, media, academics and technical experts who are interested in ever-expanding tracking and measurement of entrepreneurship, innovation and youth education. The blog will offer technical reviews on data sources and on the data's advantages for further research. Its authors will work to fully integrate education into the blog content within a few months.

"Data Maven will be a source both for new research and for context about the interconnections between new and existing data," said Kauffman Foundation Research Director E.J. Reedy. "The blog's subscribers will connect with data developments and technical discussions, provide feedback on possible new projects and contribute to improving information within the research community."

Readers can follow the blogs at www.kauffman.org/growthology and www.kauffman.org/datamaven.