In the Kansas City Star: The Flourishing Legacy of Ewing and Muriel Kauffman

01/19/16   This Kansas City Star series about 10 of the greatest, late Kansas Citians begins with a tribute to the founder of the Kauffman Foundation, Ewing Kauffman, and his wife, Muriel.

Dane Stangler on KCUR: Public Policy and the Startup Deficit

A long-term decline in new business creation has created a “startup deficit” in the United States. On Kansas City’s public radio program, Up To Date, Kauffman’s Vice President of Research and Policy, Dane Stangler, talks about how the right public policies can help foster an era of renewed entrepreneurial growth.

In the Ripon Forum: Five Policies to Spur Entrepreneurial Growth

04/20/16   Kauffman Foundation CEO Wendy Guillies recommends ways to improve policy to spur jobs and innovations vital to a healthy economy.

Victor Hwang presents emerging lessons on the root causes of innovation at EDA 2016

04/08/16   Speaking at the Economic Development Administration’s 2016 national conference April 7 in Washington, D.C., Victor Hwang, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Vice President of Entrepreneurship, shared how economic development leaders can change their thinking from an old mindset to one that addresses the root causes of innovation.

On How St. Louis is Creating Entrepreneurs, and Keeping Them

Kauffman researchers discuss how this midwestern city is becoming the "fastest-growing startup scene" in the country.

On Real Clear Markets: It’s Time to Revive U.S. Entrepreneurship

01/14/15   Kauffman Foundation Vice President of Research & Policy Dane Stangler explains why the U.S. needs an entrepreneurial renewal and offers four things policymakers can do to help lead the way.

On the Radio: Dane Stangler Discusses Age and Entrepreneurship

01/20/15   Two national radio programs recently featured Kauffman Foundation Vice President of Research & Policy Dane Stangler for his expertise on the relationship between age and entrepreneurship.

On How Boomer and Millennial Entrepreneurs Are Shaping the Economy

02/03/15   In an article on, Jordan Bell-Masterson and E.J. Reedy, members of the Kauffman Foundation's Research and Policy team, identify the entrepreneurship challenges and opportunities that these groups face.

On Governing: Measuring Entrepreneurship Can Be Tricky

03/27/15   In this post on, Kauffman Foundation researchers explain how city leaders can see past cultural buzz to get an accurate measure of their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

In The Wall Street Journal: Percentage of New Businesses Begun by Women Fell in 2014

05/14/15   In a preview of the Kauffman Index from The Wall Street Journal, Kauffman Foundation Director of Research & Policy E.J. Reedy explains that, historically, men are more likely than women to start a business to earn a living after they’ve been fired or laid off.