On KCPT: Educator Profile | Hannah Lofthus, Kauffman School CEO

Hannah Lofthus has helped build the Kauffman School from the ground up. Since 2010 she has served as the school's founding principal and chief academic officer and, earlier this month, was promoted to chief executive officer.

As part of its ongoing coverage of local education, Kansas City Public Television has profiled Hannah Lofthus' rise from "...really no intention of going into education" to her current role as leader of the nation's first public charter school operated by a private foundation.

Read an excerpt of the article below.

Educator Profile: Hannah Lofthus, Kauffman School CEO

Lofthus said that her new role as CEO will allow her to focus on what the next five years hold for the Kauffman School, as well as how to make it part of the broader solution to improving education in Kansas City.

"I think this is an opportunity to think big about how can we partner with Kansas City, how can we partner with the community, how can we continue to make Kauffman School a piece of the community, not its own island," Lofthus said. "We are not interested in trying to create a great school and nothing else. That is not what we view the road to change being."

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