On Marketplace: (Not So) Young Entrepreneurs

American Public Radio's Marketplace Morning Report sought out the Kauffman Foundation for insight into surveys about Millennial (those aged 18 to 34) entrepreneurs.

Dane Stangler, the Foundation's vice president of research and policy, said that while there's growing interest among young people to study entrepreneurship in high school and college, that's not translating to the reality of those students actually starting their own businesses.

Read an excerpt of the article below.

Young people want to ditch the boss and strike out on their own

"The Millennials would certainly appear to be more predisposed to entrepreneurship than prior generations," says Stangler. And yet: "The 20-to-34-year-old age cohort still has a far lower percentage rate of entrepreneurship than older cohorts, and that rate has actually fallen in the last couple of years."

Stangler offers at least one possible explanation: "No matter how badly you want to be an entrepreneur, no matter how low the cost of starting certain kinds of companies, if you come out of school with $60,000 in debt, entrepreneurship may not be as attractive an option."

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