On Entrepreneur.com: Preparing to Meet with an Investor

Regardless of location or industry, almost all startups face the same problem: funding.

That's according to Amanda Schnieders, Kauffman Foundation specialist in Entrepreneurship, in this blog post on Entrepreneur.com.

In the post, Amanda offers four steps to prepare for meetings with potential investors in order to increase confidence and success.

Read an excerpt of the post below.

4 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do Before Meeting an Investor

"We need funding,"

"We're really looking to raise more capital from investors, angels or anywhere."

This challenge always manages to find a way into a startup founder's conversation. And while starting lean and bootstrapping are great ways to begin a venture, there comes a time when some companies will need to look elsewhere to continue their growth.

Fortunately, between venture capitalists, angel investors and equity crowdfunding, more and more channels of funding are becoming available.

That said, the funding road isn't easy, and it is difficult to get people to fork over cash to invest in your company. To enter into these meetings with confidence and the possibility of success, entrepreneurs need to be prepared in the following ways:

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