On Entrepreneur.com: Marketing Mistakes That Stall Startups

Because the success of any business rests upon its customers and how they view the company, marketing often makes or breaks a startup.

In an article for Entrepreneur.com, Anita Newton, who provides insights in the "Entrepreneurial Marketing" series for the Kauffman Founders School online education program, discusses common marketing mistakes and the ways they can cause startups to stall.

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3 Reasons Startup Marketing Stalls

It would be a lot easier if startups were like a football game.

Each new venture would have four evenly divided quarters and, at the end, a startup would know definitively whether it had won or lost.

Unfortunately, there isn't a giant, well-branded Jumbotron that lights up to signal that the founder should pack up her cleats and exit the Superdome.

In a marketing context, entrepreneurial success has less to do with a definitive beginning or ending than a series of customer-focused activities that either succeed or fail to gain traction and momentum.

Here are three main reasons startups sputter and stall.

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