On KCUR: With High Standards, Kauffman School Sets Example for Others

The Kauffman School stresses educational and disciplinary excellence, and its high bar has become a model for surrounding schools in the Kansas City area and beyond.

A story on KCUR examines the school's high standards, adding outside commentary on whether or not local school districts can replicate its success.

The segment features discussion about the benefits of partnering between public and charter schools and the fear of further educational fragmentation in the area.

It also focuses on several characteristics of the Kauffman School's success, including the advanced curriculum, longer learning periods, and goal-setting orientation it offers to urban youth.

Read an excerpt from the post below.

Kauffman Charter School Sets High Bar, But Can It Be Replicated?

It's a lofty goal for any charter – to be the premiere public school in Missouri and a model for the rest of the country.

And for a new school, it's especially bold. Yet that's been the vision of the Kauffman School since before it opened.

"If we were to describe ourselves, I don't think we would use the word strict," says principal Hannah Lofthus. "I think we would say this is our opportunity to help students build discipline."

Lofthus isn't talking about the kind of discipline that lands a chatty 12-year-old in detention.

She's talking about self-discipline, the kind most people don't learn for years.

She says her oldest students, seventh graders who were a part of the Kauffman School's very first class, don't even raise their hands anymore.

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