On Forbes: Narrowing the Gender Gap in the VC World

More efforts are needed to help build an ecosystem that will engage, encourage, and enable women to thrive in the field of venture capital.

That's according to Alicia Robb, Kauffman Foundation senior fellow, in this blog post on Forbes.com.

In the post, Alicia offers insights and experiences from women tech entrepreneurs on the key challenge of funding and provides research on the lack of women in the VC industry.

Read an excerpt of the post below.

Narrowing the Gender Gap in the VC World

I'm all for drawing attention to the gender gaps in tech and in venture capital. I think they are related. If we have more women on the funding side, we'll see more women in tech seeking funding. If we have more successful female tech entrepreneurs, we'll also see more women going on to invest in other entrepreneurs later in their careers.

The current reality is pretty bleak. There are very few women founding partners for VC firms, and the percentage of women in the VC industry has actually declined since the financial crisis. The Forbes Midas List ranks the top 100 tech investors each year, prioritizing newer, bolder and earlier bets. In 2014, only four women made the top 100.

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