On Inc: Women Founders Benefit from Crowdfunding

Women startup founders are finding more funding on Kickstarter than from traditional venture capitalists, in part because crowdfunding attracts more women as investors.

In this Q&A for Inc.com, Alicia Robb, Kauffman Foundation senior fellow, discusses success stories of women who have used crowdfunding, elements to be wary of, and the benefits of crowdfunding for women entrepreneurs, especially those in male-dominated industries.

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Why Crowdfunding Closes the Gender Gap

It's depressingly, persistently difficult to raise money while female.

A recent study found that only 2.7 percent of the small businesses that received venture funding between 2011 and 2013 were run by women.

But the rise of crowdfunding has started to open some new financing doors for women entrepreneurs, in part because platforms like Kickstarter tend to attract women as investors too.

Crowdfunding's immediate benefits are twofold: It increases the participation of women on the investing side, and it provides more financing to women entrepreneurs.

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