In The Kansas City Star: Prioritize Student Academic Outcomes Above All Else

There is no more important issue facing Kansas City than the education of our young people. As superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools, Dr. Stephen Green was at the heart of efforts to improve student academic outcomes.

Although he is departing from the district for a new role at DeKalb County Schools in Georgia, the Kauffman Foundation believes that hope and opportunity are alive and well in Kansas City’s public schools.

In this guest editorial in The Kansas City Star, Kauffman Foundation Acting President and CEO Wendy Guillies shares the Foundation’s vision for the future of Kansas City’s urban schools.

Read an excerpt below.

Wendy Guillies: After KC superintendent’s departure, it’s time to seize the opportunity to succeed

Green and his team have taken brave steps toward a public school system where student results are in line with those across the state and in surrounding suburbs. We are at the front end of a long road toward equitable academic and life outcomes for students regardless of income or personal circumstance — it is a road worth traveling and one best traveled with others.

The district has important decisions to make in the coming months with the lives of thousands of students at stake, but we are not starting from scratch. We can learn from what is working here and in other cities.

We are ready to stop making excuses for poor performance and to set higher expectations for district and charter schools. We are ready to continue working together, not to simply sustain the stability and promise we are fortunate to have but to build on those conditions to ensure every student has access to a quality public school.

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