On Time.com: Here’s How Startups Actually Start Up

The Kauffman Index: Startup Activity indicates that, in 2014, the U.S. posted the greatest year-over-year increase in startup activity in 20 years.

Time Magazine writer John Patrick Pullen cites that as one reason why now may be the perfect time to start a new business.

He also advises entrepreneurs to execute on the fundamentals of business formation, which the Foundation’s Michele Markey, vice president of Kauffman FastTrac, helps to explain. 

Read an excerpt below.

Markey says startup founders also conduct research by hitting the bricks and talking to would-be customers about their ideas.

“A smart entrepreneur needs to figure out where their sweet spot in the marketplace is,” she says. “Who is that customer that’s going to use the product, pay the money, and maybe be the repeat user?

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