On WashingtonMonthly.com: How St. Louis is Creating Entrepreneurs, and Keeping Them

Kauffman researchers discuss how this midwestern city is becoming the "fastest-growing startup scene" in the country.

Colin Tomkins-Bergh,
Research Analyst in Research and Policy

Dane Stangler,
Vice President of Research and Policy

Cities across the United States are trying to imitate the successes of Silicon Valley, with its magnetic entrepreneurial momentum. A surprising contender in the race to build a booming entrepreneurial city that’s not on a coast is St. Louis, which is being called the “fastest-growing startup scene” in the country.

In this Washington Monthly magazine article, Kauffman Vice President of Research and Policy Dane Stangler and researcher Colin Tomkins-Bergh address the growing entrepreneurial startup scene in St. Louis, taking note of what the city is doing right, and how the federal government can help facilitate this growth across the country.

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From "St. Louis, Entrepreneurial Boomtown"

While it may be hard for people who think of St. Louis as part of “flyover” country to wrap their heads around the idea of it as a startup haven, the numbers don’t lie. Business creation in St. Louis has risen every year since 2009, jumping 18 percent from 2012 to 2013, a year business creation actually fell nationally. In 2006, St. Louis was 11 percent below the national average in the number of new firms per 100,000 people. By 2012, St. Louis had narrowed this “startup density” gap to only 3 percent, according to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship. St. Louis now ranks twenty-sixth among the top forty metro areas by startup density, ahead of some cities that garner lots of attention for their entrepreneurship scenes, like Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Philadelphia.

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