Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016: Ecosystem Hackathon

Share Your Entrepreneurial Solutions with the World

We're collecting your ideas, stories, and solutions to challenges of building start-up ecosystems. Your solution will be become part of the Kauffman Foundation's installation at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 attended by leading entrepreneurs, innovators, policy makers and investors world wide! As we gather responses, we will make a final document to share with the world.

Submit your solutions by 5pm PST Wednesday, June 22nd.

Tell Us:

  • How are you CONNECTING entrepreneurial networks for growth and scale?
  • How are you going about growing and nurturing an entrepreneurial CULTURE?
  • How are you using TOP DOWN mechanisms to facilitate BOTTOM UP growth in entrepreneurship?
  • How are you MEASURING the conditions and health of your ecosystem?

Here's how:

  1. Print this template (click image)

  2. Fill out template (preferably in legible handwriting, not typed)

  3. Send a photographed or scanned copy of your submissions to

Responses can be based on past experience, present / ongoing programs, or future plans.