Citizens of the World Charter Schools

citizens of the world charter schools playground

In partnership with the Hall Family Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation, the Kauffman Foundation is supporting Citizens of the World Charter (CWC) Schools' development and opening of a four-school network of charter public schools in Midtown Kansas City.

CWC Schools is a promising charter school network currently operating five schools in two states – California and New York – that provide a rigorous, high-achieving education to an economically and racially diverse student population.

The efforts to bring CWC to Kansas City were led by the Midtown Community Schools Initiative — a community-based grassroots organization working to provide education opportunities for families in Kansas City's Midtown neighborhoods. The group defines Midtown as: State Line to the West, Prospect to the East, Union Station to the North and Brush Creek to the South.

The development and opening of a four-school network of high-quality charter schools in Midtown Kansas City will bring increased opportunities for families and students. Two elementary schools will open in August 2016 with initial classes of K-1. By 2027-28, CWC Schools expects to enroll 1,650 students in two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school.