EdWise is a new, custom-built technology tool developed by the Kauffman Foundation that aggregates publicly available school metrics into a single database.

Comprising 14 million records, EdWise catalogs K-12 Department of Education statistics from Missouri and Kansas. Although this information is already available to the public, it’s often difficult to find and digest. The customizable and searchable EdWise database provides an easy-to-use online tool to help educators, school districts, policymakers, and others better understand the educational landscape and make education decisions.

EdWise allows users to explore 25 years of school and district data in a range of categories, such as assessments, demographics, finance, staff and transportation. EdWise uses only publicly available education data.

The Kauffman Foundation spent three years developing EdWise, collaborating with state departments of education, local school districts and education researchers to ensure the accuracy of the data and ease of use.